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Valentine Day Memes for Singles, Geeks, Friends, Alone or lonely guys [Updated memes]

You can find two type of people during Valentine week. One is the one who celebrates Valentine's day. But another one is the most interesting type, who keeps trolling others in a funny way sometimes in a romantic way too, with valentine day memes and jokes. So, if you are in search of such amazing valentine day memes then, you are at right place. Down below I have listed best memes for valentine day. You can share, post on your social medias to get the attention of your friends and make them laugh.

Valentine Day Memes

Every group has one guy who is absolutely addicted to gaming. If you are one of them, then this meme is for you. Happy Valentine's day and have a good day with your ex-Box 360. LMAO!

Valentine Day Memes

Valentine Day Meme for Geeks

You can send this to your gf/bf and make her/him feel amazing in scientific way. (Is that a proper word to use? IDK) Try sending it to your crush, he/she might accept you as valentine. Good Luck!

Single Valentines Day Meme

Single are everywhere. They are like software enggineers in Silicon Valley. According to the UNESCO, every one in 4 people are single (SARCASM ALERT!) .
single valentines day meme

Funny Valentine Day Meme 

Awww. She is so stunning! Don't think this post as racist man. Take it as joke and laugh for 10 seconds (Not more than that okay?) You can send this one to your best friend (Ugly friend if possible) and make him feel special.
Funny Valentine Day Meme 

Sarcastic Valentine Day Meme 

Best meme for valentine day with shit loads of sarcasm and taunts.

Sarcastic Valentine Day Meme 

One more Sarcastic meme

This meme is perfect for guys who hate love and relationship more than Donold Trump.

One more Sarcastic meme

This meme is for those who are single AF! since birth.

Sheldon Valentine Day Meme - Big Bang Theory 

We can call it as Geeky meme for valentine day. This shows what's really important to us.

Big Bang Theory joke

Double Meaning Happy Valentine Day Meme 

This man is enough to make you laugh out loud. And with such Valentine Day Meme with double meaning will make you laugh out of your ass.

New Valentine Day Memes are on the way dude! Just hold on. Book mark this page for more in coming hours!. Have a good day.

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